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Top 5 Anti-Virus Programs

Updated: May 23, 2023

Our top 5 Anti-Virus software to keep you safe on your computer


1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Excellent Malware removal

Premium isn't needed for basic home use

Doesn't impact performance of computer


Non-Premium users will get ads from time to time

2. Super Anti-Spyware


Excellent spyware removal

Easy to use

When paired with Malwarebytes you'll never have to worry


Has Malware removal but not as good as Malwarebytes

Non-Premium users will get ads from time to time

3. Windows Defender


Comes Pre-installed with windows

Provides Decent protection against most basic viruses


Not great against more advanced malware

4. Avast Anti-Virus


Good Malware removal

Has the ability to do a boot level scan for advanced malicious software

Large virus database


Has high CPU usage thus slowing down your system

Premium is very invasive and will pop up frequently

Premium features if not used correctly can corrupt files

5. Your Uninstaller


Fully Removes Programs to the Registry Level

Will show programs hidden in Windows Uninstaller

Various Levels of uninstalling

Amazing when paired with an Anti-Virus


Not necessarily an Anti-Virus in the Traditional Sense


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1 commentaire

Thanks, Jared! Because your company set up my computer in the first place with top-notch protection, I've never experienced an attack of any kind in the last 10+ years.

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